John McCain’s Outburst…why?

One might wonder why McCain spoke so violently (“…you scum…”) when a group of protesters appeared at a Senate group  where Henry Kissinger was to hold forth. I am old enough remember that Kissinger was super-hawkish as a top Nixon advisor re the war in Vietnam…the very same failing and mindless war in which McCain was bombing civilians (and likely military targets too) when shot down over Hanoi in 1967. While McCain was killing people from the air and then ending up as a POW in North Vietnam, hundreds of thousands of people in the USA were protesting the war in the streets…likely the same people as appeared to greet good old Henry this week. McCain would have likely called them “scum” too, even  though they proved to be right about the futility and absurdities of the war in which he eagerly participated (27 missions was it?). Since Kissinger was a primary architect of continuing the war long past the point where it was clearly a lost and ill-conceived cause, to stand up and call Kissinger a “war criminal” was akin to calling McCain the same. McCain’s Ego anf self-image as a heroic POW victim had to be maintained by treating Kissinger as a voice with something good and important to say, and hence self-aggrandizing outburst at the Senate hearing. Yes, Cognitive Dissonance…yes, I am a psychologist!


Where to Retire? Get Real!

I turn on my computer and learn that, according to Bankrate, Forbes, Bloomberg, and others, that the best places to retire are: S. Dakota, N. Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado. But what about Nov. 15 through April 15? It’s Mothers’ Day, and it’s still in the 30s and 40s in most of S, Dakota! I would consider flying over these states, but I would not want to be residing there – would you? Well, some do have great scenery, and you could sit closed up in your house for 5 months looking out the window at the mountains. But let’s face it seniors, is this how you want to spend your remaining time? Not to mention that all those lower tax rates they tout are mostly burned up as fuel for heating your haven for those 5 months. And anyone who saw the great original film Fargo, or it’s late-night TV offshoot (shootoff?) knows what a great experience it must be to look out at the physical and cultural snow desert of the Dakotas; if only one could go outside, slip and slide, and run and hide before someone kills you! And I can’t wait to retire in the state that spawned and supported Dick Cheney. Oh yes, there are good features of these places – Mt. Rushmore, Custer (no place to make your last stand in my view), or the wonderful nightlifes of Rapid City, Sioux City, or Yankton. And Colorado may not be a bad choice – replacing the evening Martini with the evening chocolate covered truffle Maritini, watching the youngsters ski by (I was once in Aspen in early April – still 100 inch base on the mountains).
   But these pundits have missed the boat putting too much criterion weight on Cost of Living (sans fuel), Healthcare Quality (can you get to the doctor or hospital through that blizzard, ice storm?) Crime rate (see comment above re Fargo), and Taxes? Hawaii scores lowest in these advice columns, so, I guess the criterion-makers haven’t yet realized how much awful weather bears on those of us with Arthritis, or other common maladies of aging. Also, are our kids and grandkids likely to visit us as often as they would if we lived near or on a beach, lake (not frozen-over 4 months of the year), or cultural center? How many of us still ski in our 70s and 80s? Or go ice-fishing? Or go snow-shoeing? Or play golf in the snow and rain?
   The truth of the matter is that we seniors need multiple places to retire. Most of us spend the warmer months in some northern or mountainous region to avoid the relentless heat of the southwest, gulf coast, or southeast. And then we snowbird
to Florida, coastal California, the Carribean, New Zealand or Australia, Hawaii, Spain, or somewhere we can avoid the worst of what winter offers us – Elder-hell. See the caravans of RV’s headed South and West – those of us who can’t afford those Forbes-type places…dodging tire shreds on I 95, enduring the traffic jams, paying the tolls. This is the reality of the extent we go to to get decent winter weather. Please! Don’t send us off to die on the ice flows – not just yet! Not the Dakotas! Not Wyoming! Let us migrate seasonally instead.

Shoot the Second Amendment!

It’s past about time that someone actually seriously addresses those (like Wayne LaPierre) who repeatedly claim that the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution supports the rejection of any constraints on gun possession and use.

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As I sit on the deck (82 degrees, thanks to our 1660 ft elevation), I must convey the wonderful recipe of what I am drinking – an Elder**margarita!
For each margarita…
  1. Put martini or margarita glass(es) in freezer.
  2. Prepare mix of juice of 1 lime, 4 oz. good Tequila (Jose Cuervo Gold, or better) for each
  3. 1 oz of Orange Liqueur (Patron, or better)
  4. Mix
  5. Crush some ice.
  6. Remove glass(es) from freezer
  7. Wipe rim(s) with lime carcasses
  8. Spin rims in LOW SODIUM salt** (this is the ELDER** part!)
  9. Crush 2 or 3 mint leaves in glass bottom
  10. Fill glass with crushed ice
  11. Fill with margarita solution
  12. Drink – to your health!

Romney Screwed the Pooch!

Well, folks, much of the country seems very concerned with Mitt Romney putting his sick pooch on the top of his car on a family trip to Canada.



I think this is greatly over- and mis-underestimated.

Enjoy Colon-COLAs!

Oh Joy! 

I recently feverishly tore open my notice from the Social Security Administration to view the big COLA increase we recipients were promised. You know, the one we were supposed to get when the cost of living went up, but didn’t for two years… those two years when state and local taxes soared, fuel prices leaped, groceries & healthcare zoomed, but that and more just somehow didn’t count.

What’s this about Class Warfare, Kemosabe?

In the wake of President Obama’s call to arms regarding the need to impose a bit more income tax on the wealthiest individuals and corporations in order to move toward a balanced budget, Republicans are whining and grousing again about CLASS WARFARE on that embattled segment of our population. Oh how unfair!
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