John McCain’s Outburst…why?

One might wonder why McCain spoke so violently (“…you scum…”) when a group of protesters appeared at a Senate group  where Henry Kissinger was to hold forth. I am old enough remember that Kissinger was super-hawkish as a top Nixon advisor re the war in Vietnam…the very same failing and mindless war in which McCain was bombing civilians (and likely military targets too) when shot down over Hanoi in 1967. While McCain was killing people from the air and then ending up as a POW in North Vietnam, hundreds of thousands of people in the USA were protesting the war in the streets…likely the same people as appeared to greet good old Henry this week. McCain would have likely called them “scum” too, even  though they proved to be right about the futility and absurdities of the war in which he eagerly participated (27 missions was it?). Since Kissinger was a primary architect of continuing the war long past the point where it was clearly a lost and ill-conceived cause, to stand up and call Kissinger a “war criminal” was akin to calling McCain the same. McCain’s Ego anf self-image as a heroic POW victim had to be maintained by treating Kissinger as a voice with something good and important to say, and hence self-aggrandizing outburst at the Senate hearing. Yes, Cognitive Dissonance…yes, I am a psychologist!


One response to “John McCain’s Outburst…why?

  1. Applause for all of us honorable scum.

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