More Shaft for Seniors? Unfair and Unbalanced!

Well, since my last posting of concern re the failure of Congress and the Administration to adjust the Social Security Cola to accurately reflect the REAL changes in our cost of living, a new index has now been proposed (“chained consumer price index”) and is on the table in current negotiations to cut Social Security and Medicare so that Rich Cats and Corps can continue to pay few, if any taxes to the federal gov’t. Never mind that we haven’t received ANY COLA increases in two years, “they” (you know who…) are proposing to cut these further! Wow! What a wonderful policy!

I also note that no one has recently proposed raising the cap on Social Security withholding (say, from $100K to $250K/year…we certainly don’t want to raise those Multi Millionaires’ and Billionaires’ taxes, do we?) to make up for the income taxes most wealthy don’t really pay anyway. Yes folks, Shaft is coming once again to a movie theater near us – whatever happens in Washington, we Seniors seem destined to bear the brunt of the wrath of the very rich in getting the budgets balanced, and resolving the impasse re the Debt Ceiling.

I say, get the rich off our backs (“It’s Still the Same Old Story…”)


2 responses to “More Shaft for Seniors? Unfair and Unbalanced!

  1. We need a senior organization to replace AARP, which has become another insurance milker and is contaminated by its expanding business interests.

  2. I thought you were talking about Pepsi

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