Enjoy Colon-COLAs!

Oh Joy! 

I recently feverishly tore open my notice from the Social Security Administration to view the big COLA increase we recipients were promised. You know, the one we were supposed to get when the cost of living went up, but didn’t for two years… those two years when state and local taxes soared, fuel prices leaped, groceries & healthcare zoomed, but that and more just somehow didn’t count.

But this year, it counts! Yea! Well there it was – a whopping increase of 3.6%. But wait! They also deducted more for Medicare from the checks, so that for my wife and I combined, we got a net increase of $984. Let’s see, that’s about $490 for each of us, and over the three years that comes to about $160 per person per year!

Now we can’t decide whether to open a numbered Swiss Bank Account, or a Rolling Credit Line at Tiffany’s… or just pay our gasoline bill, which has increased so much in the last year. Or, we could use it to help pay that out-of-pocket cost for the colonoscopy I have to have this year.

Or, perhaps we could hire Lobbyists to get the tax deal Exxon-Mobil, G.E., and others get when they only make a few billion dollars each quarter.

WOW! Do I REALLY need another colonoscopy this year?