Romney Screwed the Pooch!

Well, folks, much of the country seems very concerned with Mitt Romney putting his sick pooch on the top of his car on a family trip to Canada.



I think this is greatly over- and mis-underestimated.

The real concern is that, given the specifics of the Paul Ryan Budget, which Romney claims (at present) he fully supports, as well as other Romney position points, there is more…much more! The elderly, the poor, the food stamp folks, the rest of the working poor, most of the middle class, those with kids in school, those who don’t yet own NASCAR Racing Teams, teachers, union members, auto factory workers, firefighters, college students without rich parents, and even more, just won’t fit where they will be placed if and when Romney is in office: On the top of his car!

He must have a vehicle larger than an Expedition…a Suburban, or even two Cadillacs laid end-to-end. To harken back to that old movie about sharks– “Jaws” – “You’re going to need a BIGGER CAR!”


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