Looks Bad for Seniors – Holy Casablanca!

Yes, with the passage of the Debt Ceiling Fiasco Bill, the future now looks considerably worse for those who are getting old (behind the wheel, or otherwise), but also worse for the young (e.g., schoolchildren), those who need medical care but aren’t rich yet, and those who just aren’t rich yet. The betrayal of those groups evident in the just-signed bill supposedly about the Debt Limit, but really about the economic, educational, and physical future of Americans, left me as depressed as I thought it would.

We’ve all been betrayed by the President, his cohorts, and much of the Congress (even many Democrats!) It’s numbing to say the least. It is clear that many of the issues have been kicked down the road to be “resolved” (is that what they call this compost heap of a process?) later. But the framework is fixed – it’s fixed against us retirees on limited income retirement packages, on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and in favor of the wealthiest individuals and corporations in the country. The “Super Congress” commission of 6 dems and 6 republicans has to fail (after all, they will always disagree at least as much as they do now, which is totally), the “automatic triggers” will be pulled, and we’ll all be shot. The kids in schools will suffer, the unemployed will suffer and increase in number and desperation, and the economy must suffer, because there will be a pullback in government spending, resulting in even more job losses, resulting in dwindling Social Security deductions from payrolls, with no increased taxes paid by those with jobs, and fewer consumers with money to spend.

Roosevelt listened to Republicans in 1937 with a similar result, in which it took a full mobilization required by World War II to bring us back. Our economy, our Social Safety Net, and our educational system (minimal though it is) will all be further scuttled…”maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday soon…” to quote Bogey in Casablanca! If so, our imperfect “democracy” will further devolve into a more perfect Plutocracy.


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